The Popcorn Files... How to make POPCORN…

Preheat pot with a medium high heat.
Add liquid oil about 1-2 tablespoons.
Add solid oil typically about 1 tablespoon,
add more if you want a real theater taste but the fat increases. ?
Add Flavacol and table salt to the oil,,,
start with about a teaspoon and you’ll figure out you level soon.
Dissolve the salts in the heated oil until oil just starts to "slightly" smoke!!!
Quickly add about half a cup of popcorn kernels.
Agitate every 30 seconds to get evenly coated and browned.
Use a well vented lid or a screen to allow steam to escape.
Bring your heat down to medium towards the end and remove when finished.
Toss the popped popcorn in the pot to remove excess humidity for a minute or two.

***The popcorn matures with about ten minutes of rest…
the crunch will be better… Enjoy!***

The debate on salting…
Salt in the cooking process can make the corn tough,
some people say wait until after it’s done.
I however add the salt to the oil and find little difference.

Where to buy from?
Check with your local grocer for Plugra, Ghee and European Style Butter.
It makes a difference...

Typically Medium Yellow Kernels are similar to the theaters.
I buy popcorn at Amish Country Popcorn

I buy Real Theatre Popping Oil from Popcorn Popper, Its old school solid coconut oil.
Don’t believe the hype… A little won’t kill you.

I buy theatre popcorn and Flavacol at Popcorn Supply

My pot of choice is one with a vented lid…
Tools of the Trade “Belgique” with copper bottom


About the Oils and Seasonings...

Solid Popcorn Oils:

These can be used instead of or in combination with liquid oils.
Coconut Oil… is the original and the best for real theatre taste…

Liquid Popcorn Oils:
These oils have subtle differences in taste, Canola is the most popular.
Canola Oil, Peanut Oil, Corn Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Olive Oil

Clarified Butters:
The water removed so it’s better for popcorn…
Plugra, Ghee, European Style Butter

Seasonings come in a variety of flavors but I stick to theatre style.
Flavacol Buttery Salt, every movie theatre in the world uses this… simply the best.
and fine Popcorn Salt, a very fine crushed salt, it sticks better.