Sunday, January 4, 2009

Family Moment or Romanian Laziness

Photographs are always open to interpretation.
Remember this photo from an older post,,, (link to the old post.)

Apparently to the Romanians, yes I said ROMANIANS.?.
this was the perfect photo depicting
a family absorbed in too much television...
Read all about our laziness here, Google will translate for you...
In reality it was a nice moment between father and daughter as they shared a meal,,,
whom may or may not be watching too much television. ;-)
Here's the back story...
While doing web maintenance I noticed a Romanian site was "hot linking" an image,
(basically that means stealing my image and bandwidth.)

uch to my embarrassment I soon realized that I am
single-handedly responsible for the downfall of physical activity and tourism

within the country of Romania.
Hey,,, but at least they gave me a photo credit. NICE.

On a serious note,,,
My apologies to Romania, I will be more active in the new year.
Furthermore I hereby promise to vacation away from my television...
Thank You...